What is your personality?
Uzalii (412)

This program asks you some would you rather questions to see what your personality is like at the end you are graded from 0-9 on what your personality is hope you enjoy. Imagine reaching 100 Upvotes again!

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AbdallaMoha (1)

I got 7 points it was good, oops but I don't understand what sleep() function does I would like to hear your answer I am new to python thanks for sharing this.

Uzalii (412)

@AbdallaMoha sleep just makes the the program wait before doing the next intruction example
that will make the program print Hi and then wait 1 second and the it will print Bye. You do need to import it form the time libary tho
from time import sleep

AbdallaMoha (1)

@Uzalii thanks for the answer.