Fun variation of 'Snake'
mserrano258 (22)

After hours of coding and hours more of playtesting, I have completed it! Introducing SNAKE with a twist, where you are not the only snake on the screen...
Share your high score in the comments section to get mad internet respect, and try to achieve all 4 secret endings!

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bigchungusmc (79)

I have a bug: I run the code and I enter in the parameters. My parameters were 200-200-5. The bug occurred when I started hit space to start. I was greeted with a white screen. Is there any way for me to bypass this bug. otherwise please fix this.
Btw this is a great concept.

mserrano258 (22)

@bigchungusmc As you choose larger and larger grid sizes, the objects decrease in size until you can hardly see them anymore. Try running 150-150-5 and you'll see that everything is basically a speck. 200-200-5 would be even smaller. That being said, I'm adding a failsafe to prevent the grid from being any larger than a certain point to make sure this doesn't happen again. Thanks for spotting this, and thanks for the complement!
(Edit: now you can't go past 180 rows and 250 columns. This makes everything about a pixel large, but still visible)