Coder100 (4022)


Hello everyone! I just installed UNITY!!! And here is my game!!!!

How to play

  • WASD to move
  • Don't die
  • Reach as far as you can
  • Collect coins


As you can see I am unity prodigy (jk) lol

I want dark theme


Soon I will do other stuff with unity






  • Unity should now load faster!
  • I added 1 NEW LEVEL
  • I fixed many of your bugs like unable to die and a weird restart glitch
  • I added arrow key support. Thanks @IndyCarter!
  • I added a larger play area. It should now cover THE WHOLE SCREEN
    @ThatSmart @KobeFF @stubaduble @Bookie0



This is my first unity game!

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nt998302 (168)

I have a few suggestions.
For the grass material - You should avoid using grass materials and use terrain textures instead. There's a good free grass and flowers pack on the asset store, along with the standard assets.

Also, I would recommend adding enclosing borders (with mesh renderer but no collider) and attach some cool panning materials. This will add onto the playful effect.

It would also be cool if you could attach navmesh agents to the enemies. That would be sick!

Good Job!!

Coder100 (4022)

Thank you!
I like guessed around when I tried the textures lol can you point to me some resources to learn?

What are navmesh agents?

There are no borders because I wanted to let the player die by falling off lol @nt998302

nt998302 (168)

@Coder100 This right here is amazing:

I would recommend using this with the post processing stack, which you can find in the packages tab in the Unity editor. For sure, bump up bloom and turn on motion blur. Ambient occlusion is also nice.

This is a good video for the Post Process stack:

Navmesh agents are just the Unity AI agents. You place them in your level, specify the target (the player), and then you have to mark the level as static. All the static areas, once baked, can be walked on by the navmesh.

I would recommend this series for AI:

And at last, I think the best way to learn is by watching a big tutorial to start yourself off. Maybe find a video series on how to make an FPS or something you want to make. This will give you insights and help you better understand Unity C#.

I would recommend this one here:

I wish you good luck!