Replol (Google)
JBYT27 (179)

Finally! I've finished!
Anyways, this is a "website" I made using python. It isn't really a website, but I made it like one. I've thought about lots of websites, and well, I thought about google.

There aren't steps, as this isn't really a game. But one thing you should do is try typing help. There are other "websites" in the original web, Replol. I named it this for Repl and Google mixed.

I give credits to many people. I made a wiki using @PDanielY 's name: Replpedia. I also give credits to @Bookie0 for many python tutorials!
Just another note, I don't want to be too specific, I'm not trying to offend anyone! :)

Anyways, Thank you for all the help and tutorials.
-Expect a Amazon and Youtube later!
-pls, pls, pls, give ANY suggestions!
-please upvote if you like it!
-Another BIG note, I may not be able to read all the comments, busy with school. :|


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ChezTacoz (342)

I have encountered an error with replpedia. I typed a search and it said y for another word n for homepage. So I typed n and it brought me back to replpedia. Also for replpedia you can just use the wikipedia library. Also, also you can use .lower or .upper so that it will give the same result even if the user changes the case. Other than that great code!!!

JBYT27 (179)

Ok, thanks for letting me know! And thanks! @ChezTacoz