hai! just something cool i want to show you :P
ChezCoder (1458)


so basically, the community has been complaining about games "flickering", or that the game flashes, which hurts their eyes (trust me, i dont like it either).

and of course,


So ive decided to dig deep into python to find a way to achieve your dreams


I think, ive done it :P.

Ive found a way to remove the flickering of the games! Its pretty simple, ill try to make it easier to use and release it in another post <3

So basically, run the repl! Play the flicker and no flicker version of the game I made from Hack | Computer Chip.


this was kinda made for @dynamicsquid
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Roar123 (424)

I just hide the cursor which gets rid of most of the screen flicker.

import cursor
ChezCoder (1458)

@Roar123 big brain why didnt i think of that XD

Roar123 (424)

@ChezCoder :) If you combine cursor.hide() with your no flicker game it would be perfect!

ChezCoder (1458)

@Roar123 yeah, i added ur name to the line of code :P