[GAME] Game Dev Simulator
Viaticboss19 (140)

Roughly 500 lines of codes, and many hours of code later, Game Dev Simulator is complete.
The Game gives you an overview of how to play so an explanation is not needed. Have fun, and start the game company of your dreams!

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BobWasHere (0)

I just tried to make a free game for mobile. Spending 3k on production, 3k on marketing, and 3 months on developing. When I put in the price of $0. The entire code just stopped, and terminated me. D:

BobWasHere (0)

I forgot to add. The game is really nice. I'm curious how you made it. But from the snippet of code I saw when I got terminated, I don't think I would be able to understand. Either way. Nice job, and thank you for making this.