Pixel Art Creator!
DynamicSquid (2663)

Hey guys! I made a pixel art creator! It allows you to create stunning pixel art! How stunning? Well I drew @amasad

Feel free to make this your pfp

Well that's cool! Who else can you draw with this?


Now, I don't know about you guys, but I'm using that.







I really like how the black contrasts with the black in that picture.






99% of repl.it users:

Random Scenery:

And my favourite:

Name: Polar Bear in Antarctica
Price Tag: $12 million

And yeah, that's about it. Everyone else is too hard to draw...

Select a colour and click a pixel to colour it. Click and drag also works. Hit c twice to clear the page. If you want to colour without distractions, hit SPACE to switch between modes. Oh, also, click the right mouse button to fill.

Post your work here!

Enjoy :)

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KenKimura (0)

I just upvoted all DynamicSquid posts

DynamicSquid (2663)

@KenKimura please don't, that's unfair to others. only upvote posts that you actually like. and I actually got a warning about cycle farming soo...

firefish (308)

@KenKimura It is against the rules to do this.

HahaYes (1048)

@KenKimura Don't upvote all of this brb

HahaYes (1048)

@DynamicSquid I like how you just gained 250 cycles

DynamicSquid (2663)

@HahaYes ever since I released this post, I've been rising so much it's insane. I think it's all the cycles I got from the 542 comments on this post lol

DynamicSquid (2663)

@HahaYes yeah, probs from him as well lol

HahaYes (1048)

@DynamicSquid hmmm still looking for a great date to release my realtime chat project

firefish (308)

@HahaYes Tf.... I found one on github for like, 15 lines of node do you have a github account I can follow you there if you do

HahaYes (1048)

@johnstev111 yes it is called HahaYes-dev