Brute Force Password Cracker
CyanCoding (1613)
I built the Brute Force Password Cracker as a fun program to test out passwords, and to test my knowledge of Python 3 and its libraries.

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TimmyChen1 (115)

I like this! If you don't mind suggestions, I would love to see the wait times shortened a bit - I read pretty quickly ;)

CyanCoding (1613)

@timmy-chen: Thanks for the suggestions. I did cut out most of the intro so you should be able to start cracking very quickly.

timmy_i_chen (1107)

@connersears: Won't lie, that's slightly terrifying

waleed0049 (0)

@timmy-chen: can we use this to crack email i mean after ad smtblib can we do it please answer

TimmyChen1 (115)

@waleed0049: Practically, brute forcing isn't much of a viable strategy nowadays. Think of how many times you can try to log in somewhere before it locks you out? Plus in a real-world scenario, each try would take a much longer time to complete, simply because it has to make a request over the internet.

waleed0049 (0)

@timmy-chen: thank you very much for answer,so what do you mean or suggest somethin to hack a Email with python , but don't tell me with social Engineer,i mean powerful script can try many password in the second,if you want to talk private [email protected] ,this is my Email But please Don't hack him

FuyuWinter (1)

@waleed0049: Dude I doubt anyone will help you. Hacking someone without permission is Illegal and nobody here will tell you otherwise

hakxy (5)

@waleed0049: im gonna tell you how just because its basically impossible so even with the infomation i will give you you couldnt do anything with it.

step 1:
hack into gmails database through some exsploit that took you years to find.
step 2:
find the email of the person you want to hack.
step 3:
pull their md5 encrypted password
step 4:
decrypt their md5 password with a wordlist and if that doesnt work wait a year for it to be bruteforced by a hash cracker like john the ripper
step 5:
log into the email and hope google doesnt stop you because youre being suspicious.

FuyuWinter (1)

@hakxy: step 4 is not needed as a I know a free decrypter for md5 online works with anything all the rest are right though

argthe1st (86)

@waleed0049: We could add smtlib (I have tried brute forcing that way) but with gmail it locks you out. But to even start the brute force, you need to connect to googles server, and you can only do that with "Let less secure apps access your account" checked off in the google account settings. So pretty much, its impossible to brute force gmail using Python ;(

hakxy (5)

@fuyuwinter: yes but he doesn't know that.

lifeyears332 (2)

@waleed0049: Umm mate hacking into a email is illegal, but if you want to get into a email you just lost then maybe. but idk.