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I made Tetris in a python terminal and its as bad as you think (need help with flickering screen)
K4JINX (14)

The flickery screen is most likely caused by being forced by python to multithread in order to take input and still print to screen. Does anyone know any workarounds?

PYer (3587)

Amazing! I love it, though it is hard to play it here and it is best to view the repl.

spybrave (336)

@K4JINX : It's unbelievable.....It's good as it is

21natzil (1168)

This is really cool! If were to increase the speed of the screen clearing, it would work perfectly. Try this in you're computer's console, and replace replt.clear with os.system("cls") if on windows, and os.system("clear") for linux.

K4JINX (14)

@21natzil Oh gotcha. Thanks for the tip :)

MeowC (53)

This is perfection at its finest. Even as a spacecat who isn't even impressed easily, I most certainly am impressed!

Samougette (2)

I like the python dedication.

timmy_i_chen (1133)

Oh man this is so cool! We're working on a new terminal that allows for unbuffered input. We're hoping to get it out in the next few weeks or so - then you won't have an issue with flickering anymore. But seriously, this is great!

K4JINX (14)

@timmy_i_chen Thanks! I'll definetly update this once that update rolls out.