I made a new program that puts your key presses in the log.
eekboi (59)

My Repl takes the letters you type and puts it into the log, instead of having to use old, rackety, overall poorly coded websites that spam your email after you sign up, all you need to do is sign up to repl.it and youll be set. Any Questions, Comments, Concerns? tell me in the comments!

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maazzubair99 (108)

you could just print(key)

eekboi (59)

@maazzubair99 is that with the getkey i used with this script or vanilla python? is there a way i could do it on repl.it? I couldnt get it to work.

sugarfi (154)

@eekboi that should work with your getkey script., replace the if statements with print(key, 'KEY PRESSED'). That just prints the key and 'KEY PRESSED', giving the same output you have now, but allowing the user to type non-letter characters, like 0 or ?.

eekboi (59)

@sugarfi Thanks for clarifying. I most likely wont use it on this script bc i like complicated things lol. Ill make sure to keep that as a note.

ChezCoder (128)

@eekboi um you can make the code much shorter:

print("made by @eekboi and was co-made by @kai_justice. give credit if using. Thanks!")
from getkey import *

while True :
    key = getkey( )
eekboi (59)

@ChezCoder funny enough someone already mentioned this. I wont use this in this program bc i like things being complicated. also i like the look of long code.

JustinPhillip (18)

@eekboi Making things complicated is a cardinal sin of programming. Make things simple enough so that somebody else can improve on it later on.

3465728974563 (46)

@eekboi It's not very complicated if it's just mostly the same thing. And it shouldn't be a long line of code if there is an easy fix that makes it a lot more efficient and with a lo less lines of code used. Plus it's just looking at a long line of ctrl c + ctrl v, except just changing the value

eekboi (59)

@3465728974563 I get what everyone is saying, i just like the look, also at the time of posting this i didnt know most of these features.

IreoluwaRaufu (153)

@JustinPhillip, @eekboi didn't make more complicated, he made it more complex. In programming, that's totally acceptable, besides, it's his/her preference. :)

eekboi (59)

@IreoluwaRaufu Its a matter of style for not very complicated programs, This person gets it!

IreoluwaRaufu (153)

"Simple is better than complex.
Complex is better than complicated."

-The Zen of Python

maazzubair99 (108)

@eekboi yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Nettakrim (236)


eekboi (59)

im already tired lmao