I made a new program that puts your key presses in the log.
eekboi (42)

My Repl takes the letters you type and puts it into the log, instead of having to use old, rackety, overall poorly coded websites that spam your email after you sign up, all you need to do is sign up to repl.it and youll be set. Any Questions, Comments, Concerns? tell me in the comments!

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PeterChaplin_Sm (5)

All of this is un-necessary and super inefficient when you could just use these four lines:

from getkey import *
while True :
  key = getkey( )
  print(key, "KEY PRESSED")

Advantages to this:

  • less work
  • more efficient
  • shows capitalization, symbols and numbers
eekboi (42)

@PeterChaplin_Sm Look at other comments, I know youre trying to help and all, but i simply like the look of long code. And if i happen to need it in a longer bit of code i will use it.

sugarfi (127)

@eekboi If you want to have long code, you should use a dictionary instead of lots of if statements. It is more Pythonic.

MrEconomical (1366)

@eekboi why do you like longer code? it's slower and often harder to debug, and doesn't make you look smart or anything

eekboi (42)

@sugarfi Will do. (For other creations.)

eekboi (42)

@MrEconomical Its more of an aesthetic kind of thing for less complex things. Im not trying to be smart, im not gonna fool anyone xD.

PeterChaplin_Sm (5)

@eekboi That's a very odd reason, the issue is this is just very long handed and doesn't cover all the keypresses on a keyboard because you're using a series of if statements. There's no point making stuff harder for yourself.