Calculator With Working Queue and Problem Naming (500 Cycles Special)
BobTheTomatoPie (1411)

This is my first project that isn't a game!

I hope you guys enjoy it. I spent a long time figuring out how to get the working Queue and everything. It took a while. Updates will come and I will add more features such as more complex problems.

It is error-proof

Feel free to try and break it. You won't. I spent a lot of time making sure there are no errors.

Updates Will Come

As I said before I will add updates so you can enter more complex problems with more variables and just be able to find the answer to anything.

Thanks to eekboi on the discord

Eekboi taught me about queue's and helped me incorporate them into a reply project.

I will not be leaving

I was thinking about leaving because it does not have every module but I have decided to stay.


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By BobTheTomatoPie

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BobTheTomatoPie (1411)

I made it so if you divide by zero it equals zero now try it again @Bookie0