Doctor Who Top Trumps - Singleplayer AI opponent
TBarnard13 (3)

This is a top trump game using Doctor Who top trumps (Could easily be changed for any other top trumps).
It features two modes : Singleplayer and Multiplayer
Singleplayer :
You play against an AI opponent known as "Computer", who chooses the category that has the highest chance of winning each time.
Lets you play against a friend on the same computer.

The game itself, has all the features of an actual top trump game, and if you don't know how to play then you can just read the rules/instructions that are provided.

It can deal with draws in the same way you would actually in a real game, puts the two cards in the middle and uses the same category on the next card.
The AI is pretty difficult to beat, as I have lost many a time to it, and games tend to go on for quite a while (up to 40 rounds).

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merrillUwU (22)

I really like dr.who it's one of my favorite shows