Coder100 (6515)

Weekly 18

Subsets!! You can now find all the possible subsets inside a given word (or number!).


I really liked the JSDOC feature (and thanks repl.it for having autocomplete actually working!)


JSDOC POGGGGGGG now you will be able to have types in JS!!! (For good editors, at least)


Have a great day!

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maxyang (55)

I recommend you don't output the entirety of all the possible combinations. It makes the program take quite a while to run. Although I see you found a way to get around the 9-character barrier.

Coder100 (6515)

What 9 char barrier? Anyways, I'm printing them for reference. @maxyang

maxyang (55)

@Coder100 nvm I think it's 10. Basically when you hit 9-10 characters it takes forever to run the code.

HarperframeInc (307)

@maxyang usually a subsets length is the text length to the power of itself (ex. 5^5, 6^6). Suggesting that each permutation takes about 0.005 seconds, so a 10 letter word would take 1 Year to generate if you have an okay computer, but that's only IF your "okay" computer has an almost infinite amount of memory

maxyang (55)

@HarperframeInc Exactly. My code takes a while to run at 9, but at least it RUNS.

Coder100 (6515)

@maxyang argh i should add a no output feature, it's taking forever to print the possiblities

maxyang (55)

@Coder100 Just delete it as a whole, outputting makes your program take a much longer time.

Coder100 (6515)

not accounting for printing, it is pretty fast @maxyang