KrispyChiken (56)

Hi all!
This is my first repl. It is a battle like simulator where you can choose to battle someone (Anyone really). Hope you enjoy!

(Sry people who liked the hacks they have been removed my computer couldn't load so fast)

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Spitfier720 (18)

I see how this works. The gameplay is good enough, however I think i found an error in your code.

When one of the players has negative or 0 health, the other player still has a chance to retaliate. I kinda feel that's unrealistic because if you're dead, you're dead.

Other than that it was a good program.

LTI2 (64)

@Spitfier720 Zombies: Am I a joke to you?

Spitfier720 (18)

@LTI2 if someone dies from a gunshot he can't shoot back