[WEEBSCRIPT] A stupid "superset" of javascript
DrankArizonaIce (132)

If you decide to read past this point... Omae wa mo shinderu


A stupid "superset" of javascript. Inspired by weeb culture.

How to use

1) Fork it (Click here to fork)
2) Look inside /weebscript/conversions.js for full refrence
3) Create a .ws file inside the /src directory
4) Code in weeb
5) Press play and see your compiled js file appear in the /src directory


It's fun to write(?)
It has string literal protection(?)


It takes way longer to write anything.
None of the code is comprehensible.
It's compiled.
Not actually grammatically correct Japanese ( but that's never really been an issue among weebs )

But if you're not already turned away, here's what's in store :)

In all actuality

It just replaces javascript keywords with weeblang ( A vocabularic union of common japanese words used in english context as well as a bunch of google translated english-to-japanese words that probably don't actually mean what GT said it means, but is used anyways because it sounds japanese )

I don't know what inspired me to make this. It was 3 am and I was bored after watching some essays about anime (as you do)


[x] Simple weeb-to-javascript conversions
[x] String literal safety
[ ] Template string literal safety
[ ] ~~Be grammatically correct~~
[ ] Add actual syntax instead


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