Epic Mario game!
Coder100 (12438)

Mario Game!

This is the best Mario game ever! There is ice in the middle of the summer lol. It refreezes after you don't touch it for some time (I don't think that's how ice works but ok). Other than that, we have gravity, goombas with arms, bowsers that shoot with a cannon attached to their back? And also the monsters can fly. Other things include mobile support, death support, spike support, and more! Please vote this up if you liked the game/characters/gravity/ice/blocks/sprites/this whole project!


  • Mobile Support
  • Characters are drawn from memory lol
  • Goombas
  • Bowsers
  • Marios
  • Luigis (haven't implemented them yet but the pics are there)
  • A camera that follows the player
  • Spikes
  • Trampolines
  • Grass blocks

Why I took time to make this

I did this because a friend said he would give me $2 if I made this.

Oh yeah, forgot how to tell you how to move lol


  • Swipe left to move x velocity left (move left)
  • Swipe right to move x velocity right (move right)
  • Swipe up to jump
  • Swipe down to reset all movement (stop Mario from moving because when you swipe, he doesn't stop to save your hands from dying)


  • Arrow keys to move

All levels are possible on PC. Idk about mobile, but I'm pretty bad at these games anyways

OFFICIAL YOUTUBE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/c8ZcNLsjsiQ

Made with p5.js

Vote up if you like this!

CHECK OUT THE BETA: https://YAAAAA-GIMME-dollar1.coder100.repl.co



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ChristianTS (1)

I think it's amazing what you've managed to do here, genuinely impressive, but we can all improve in some ways and I have a little bit of input. The movement definitely needs to be improved as it feels rather unnatural for a game, consider adding counter-movement to Mario so it feels like he's building up a little bit more when he's moving and so he stops faster and doesn't slide so much. Also consider changing the way Mario jumps so that we have control over his height. If you make the pipes a rigid body the same way you made the ground one and put a small sliver of teleport on top of it the game would play out better as multiple times out of habit i didn't consider that bumping into the pipe would teleport me to the next level, there is no warning. There is no phase between levels, it is all very confusing and directionless.