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BobTheTomatoPie (1052)

Very Beta

I will be adding a couple of entries per day, just to keep the site fresh

Tell me searches to add

Just comment: the search name, and the info

Some of you guys have entries!

If you type in your user you might have an entry.




Thanks to @VulcanWM and @bookie0 for help adding searches

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aguy11 (106)

I think you shouldn't take on this stress of having to add stuff every single second. Just let the program do it! Somewhat like this

import json
choice = input("A) Search or B) Contribute?")
if choice.lower() == "a"
  #Put all of the search stuff in here, but instead of using as a source, use the son file.
  tag = input("What's this piece of info called? ")
  info = input("What should define it?")
  f = open("search.json", "r")
  fil = list(json.load(f)) #This will be the file with all of the info. Example set:
#[{"tag": "BobTheTomatoPie", "info": "The guy who created this"}]
  fil.append({"tag": tag, "info": info})
  with open("search.json", "w") as fin:
    json.dump(fil, fin)

#This should work
BobTheTomatoPie (1052)

the only problem is that there are three properties per search @aguy11