Lucky Draw
Tanishqq (39)

I was bored, at home. Wanted to do something. Hope you like it.
Main Library- Random
I dont think i have anything else.
Please try it out and help me improve.

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AgastyaSandhuja (103)

I used a negative number and won a lot... you should fix it with a greater than/less than code but overall, this is pretty satisfying and addicting

Tanishqq (39)

@AgastyaSandhuja i dont think that is possible.

Tanishqq (39)

@AgastyaSandhuja well, it is, maths. (-)×(-)=(+).

AgastyaSandhuja (103)


if go_no_go == "YES":
		bet = int(input("How much would you like to bet? : "))
		if bet == 0 or bet > 10 or bet<0: