World's HARDEST game
Coder100 (8404)

World's Hardest Game

This is a pretty hard game if I say so myself. My high score is 1! Can you beat me?


Use your mouse to move the paddle. Catch all the balls before they hit the ground!

You have 5 lives. Good luck!


Hardness meter:
[ ▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▱ ] 90% hard
Player review: Very Easy


There is a leaderboard! Post in the comments below with your high score!


Special thanks to @kurrycat2004 for design and suggestions!

Have a great day!

Enjoy this 90% hard, very easy game!


I think some of you may not have seen this, but if your screen size width is < 500, your score will not be accepted (it is too easy). If you get a score > 50, send a screenshot of your screen for proof!


  • Text is now a bit bigger
  • This project is complete! I am now working on a remastered edition with auth and a few minigames ;)
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EpicGamer007 (541)

I was able to get like a 150 on mini screen. You should make it so that you can't do that but lmao, fun.

Coder100 (8404)

Lol, I'll have mobile support, but you won't be on the leaderboard @AbhayBhat

EpicGamer007 (541)

@Coder100, Thats fine lol. It was just a suggestion

EpicGamer007 (541)

@Coder100 Good, also what programming languages do you know other then HTML/CSS/JS?

Coder100 (8404)

node.js, python, c#, and a few more @AbhayBhat

EpicGamer007 (541)

Have you made games in Unity with c# @Coder100?
also, what is the difference between node js and the js in webpages?

Coder100 (8404)

yes I have unity plus!! :))))))))
Node.js is for backend, so you can have servers ;) @AbhayBhat

EpicGamer007 (541)

@Coder100 Wow, nice. I am trying to learn how to use unity. I got unity personal and write now, I am really trash at it lol