Worlds Hardest Game
Pythonier (314)

Worlds Hardest Game, almost impossible. Still really hard. If you don't guess correctly you lose. 1 or 2

New: Made harder now it takes more tries to win. Chance of Winning: 0.78125%


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Pythonier (314)

@TommyIsAwesome Nice job, your name has been added to the list.

TommyIsAwesome (22)

@Pythonier yay but why doesn't winners.txt work (i think its supposed to add everyone who won to the list but it shows nothing)

Pythonier (314)

@TommyIsAwesome It takes a while to load. I hope will fix that. I am pretty sure the code is correct though.

minion3665 (13)

@Pythonier I forked it and did some testing. For every instance of the file it saves, but when you restart it resets

I will try to find you a fix

Edit: your code is right, just doesn't save (they 100% used too, now I have to fix my discord currency bot)

minion3665 (13)

@Pythonier I (sort of) fixed it by using a remote database. Here is my improved version. Feel free to fork it.

You will need to change this line so that it has your database info in
connection = pymysql.connect(host='', user='TeZbp01GZA', password='LIKw0BsTGS', db='TeZbp01GZA', charset='utf8mb4', cursorclass=pymysql.cursors.DictCursor)

You should probably also move the password to a more secure location

Feel free to fork you just need to give me credit for it

Pythonier (314)

@minion3665 Thank You! I probably won't use it though.