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Id like to annouce.... SLIDE
MrMinimax (149)

This is a game called slide. I was inspired to do this when I saw a post a loooong time ago on this chat. YOu can move with the arrow keys. You can play here

maazzubair99 (128)

@AdCharity same concept and game mechanics its just that theirs has graphics

AdCharity (1111)

@maazzubair99 also what are you going to do if you reach 99 upvotes

MrMinimax (149)

Indeed it was. Originally forked that program improving the python edition before recording in JS for [email protected]

wettoastvevo (2)

You should try and make a random level generator, so that each time you complete a level a new one is randomly generated,that way you don't play the same levels over and over. @MrMinimax

MrMinimax (149)

Good idea ill look into that! I am really new to js tho this is my first real project :[email protected]

JacksonPhilips (25)

what if you could make a timer and leaderboard? then everyone could compete for the top spot and it'd be competitive C:

MrMinimax (149)

hmmm. I might however it was not designed to be a competitive game and rather a puzzle [email protected]

MrMinimax (149)

Oh my god I just realized I hit trending with this!

AdCharity (1111)

btw if you're trying to hide the source code, it's open source since it's a web application

MrMinimax (149)

Yes it is I forked that to try and imporve that and if you read the discription it does not say is designed it. I watch it when im bored because it is mezmerizing :[email protected]

MrMinimax (149)

Did you play the game. Its my fist one ive made with [email protected]

Zexogon (842)

@MrMinimax oh that’s cool! You should have told me wonderful work friend

MrMinimax (149)

Thanks! I sound dumb can I have an upvote so others will see [email protected]

master101master (0)

i really like but it would be cool with a bit more levels and like a menu thing so you can choose what level u wanna play

TylerEwald (0)

Great Game, could do with more difficulty in the levels

Dankmemes9352 (0)

ok so im new to this but this is cool game

sugasiatat (0)

you can be my friend

MaxCosta (6)

Fakin !!AWESOME!!

judeCode (1)

make it stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!