BEAN language
AlexanderTarn (270)

You guys united and gave 10 upvotes to my comment, and now I give you the BEAN language

"Say" function:
The say function is basically the print function, but it must always have a string with quotation marks around (Example: say("Hello World!"))
You are allowed to declare any variable and if you ask the say function to print the variable without quotation marks it will do it.

Can solve simple equations, cannot do order of operations, also does not support variables.


  • Now if variable with the same name is assigned a different value the new value will overwrite the old one
  • Evaluate function now works with exponents and will display errors
  • Evaluate function now supports variables!

Give me feedback or ideas please.
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AlexanderTarn (270)

If this comment reaches 10 upvotes I will officially name this language the bean language


@AlexanderTarn yes, the perfect name

MasterOfMayo (0)

@AlexanderTarn can you request for this to be an actual coding language? like, go to the makers of and ask?

AlexanderTarn (270)

@MasterOfMayo This language can only do 3 things, so probably no, for now