Sanctuary Simulator (Beta)
BobTheTomatoPie (1051)

Sanctuary Simulator

Welcome to the first version of Sanctuary Simulator, my new game where you can simulate a sanctuary that you design. This is in a very early release so please let me know if you come across any bugs or things you would like me to add. I would love it If you gave me ideas for questions it could ask you.

Help for anyone who needs it.

  1. To go to advance throughout the daily events press enter.

Updates Will Come

I will be adding lots of updates, so be ready for the game to get more advanced, it's not a large project of mine, I made it within two hours, but I'm hoping someday it will be as big as Pitlife 2 when it comes to content

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Made By BobTheTomatoPie (Or the creator of Pitlife 2)

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nt998302 (170)

If this is what sanctuary is, I'm scared of the future...

nt998302 (170)


Someone died from jumping off a cliff, they thought it would be exciting


BobTheTomatoPie (1051)

Lol, education is more important than you think @nt998302

nt998302 (170)

@BobTheTomatoPie Yes. It can be seen in this one right here:

Someone died accidentaly since they couldn't operate a toaster
BobTheTomatoPie (1051)

You would be a great world leader. @nt998302