MatthewStirling (130)

Here is my entry for the Game Jam - Swing! (yes, you have to shout it)

The gist is pretty simple - you swing around using a grappling hook and you must avoid dying. Don't touch the red blocks and don't get shot by a Turret (duh). Play through the Levels or enter the Arena and try to survive.

The way the game relates to the theme of Cash is.. uh.. you get to keep your cash because this game is free!

For the best experience, open this link in a new tab:

Full DevLog:

version 4.2 - current (17.04.2019)

  • added guided missiles
  • added rope block wrapping
  • added level 4
  • added explosion recoil
  • changed turrets appearance
  • added idle turret animation
  • added arena menu display turret behaviour

version 4.1 (13.04.2019)

  • added practice mode
  • altered arena to account for easy winning strategies

version 4.0 (12.04.2019)

  • added explosions
  • added super predictive turrets
  • added arena survival mode
  • added level 3
  • redesigned menus
  • got rid of title card animation
  • added bouncy bullets
  • added death animation

version 3.0 (05.04.2019)

  • added a main menu
  • added buttons
  • changed appearance of predictive turrets
  • made level 2 final challenge easier
  • added peak text

version 2.0 (30.03.2019)

  • added level 2
  • added turrets
  • improved hook sticking mechanic
  • changed controls (again)
  • optimized forces (jump strength, friction, drag)
  • added predictive aiming
  • removed 3 challenges from level 1

version 1.2 (23.03.2019)

  • added title card
  • added safe area at beginning
  • added checkpoint text

version 1.1 (23.03.2019)

  • added 3 more challenges (total now 13)
  • made controls more intuitive
  • added checkpoints
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kaldisberzins (312)

If you spam the space bar you can fly. Can you fix this?

MatthewStirling (130)

@kaldisberzins I can't seem to replicate the problem. Are you doing something specific? When I only spam space bar I jump once from the ground but not anymore in the air.

kaldisberzins (312)


When I stand on the ground and spam space I can jump high approximately 1/3 times.

MatthewStirling (130)

@kaldisberzins Got it. I will fix it in an upcoming update. Thanks!

eankeen (1224)

@kaldisberzins Yeah I have this issue as well.

Interesting issue.

MatthewStirling (130)

@eankeen Damn, I went to sleep before I read this comment, now it's too late. Out of curiosity, how did you trigger this bug? Or if you don't know, what happened right before? It looks to me like you just respawned, then gravity decided to work upward.

eankeen (1224)

@MatthewStirling I was actually streaming when this bug happened - so lucky for you! ;). (the video is at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/413101843) I was playing your game at around the 28 minute mark - but it didn't happen there. It was around the 2 hour 15 minute mark where the bug would just happen. Not sure how useful it would be, but thought I should let you know just in case. :P

MatthewStirling (130)

@eankeen Sweet, love seeing someone play my game. You're probably right about the controls - they have a bit of a learning curve and maybe aren't very intuitive. I really bummed about his damn bug (and others I couldn't fix). I would have liked to see get to level two and face the turrets. They're a lot more fun that the first level. If you decide to stream that I would totally watch.

eankeen (1224)

@MatthewStirling Ahh, that stinks you couldn't find the issue. Yeah I would have loved to do that as well. One of the things why "w" is kind of hard to use is because I thought it was like moving up (like a and d do), and that it launches the hook and winds up the hook. Pretty complex, not sure if there is a better way of changing it - maybe using space or left click? :stuck_out_tongue: