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I'm learning C++
epicman702 (215)

Hey guys
I just started to learn C++
check out the code for more info!

For when it asks you for a name,


It also works better if you don't put a or an at the beginning

Correct usage
"What should I call this code?

sdemodica (0)

Instead of doing std :: each time. Right after your #include's, type "using namespace std;" and then you won't have to every time you do a cout. Very good though!

epicman702 (215)

@sdemodica My tutor told me about that. He uses it but I refuse to use it until I get used to it. Lol

sdemodica (0)

@epicman702 You will get used to it. Best of luck! :)

epicman702 (215)

@sdemodica Thx! I will still be using python tho. BTW did u look at line 18 (Where the "error" was)

sdemodica (0)

@epicman702 Kind of, when I ran the program, it just kept repeating once I got to a certain point, probably line 18.

epicman702 (215)

@sdemodica Line 18 is a comment
It doesn't need a semicolon!

epicman702 (215)

@sdemodica It probably means you weren't entering ;

epicman702 (215)

@sdemodica I realised ur a C++ coder