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Improved DVD logo
Russell23 (32)

Me and my friends spent 18 hour on this ( we are in year 9 ) This is our nearly complete DVD logo. Any suggestion on what to do with the code

katyadee (1259)

This is cool! It reminds me of my childhood. I miss DVDs!

glench (42)

This is great! I modified it a little bit so it looks smoother, especially on the first bounce:

coderash (285)

@coder787878 Yeah, I like the changing colors!

AnthonyLosurdo (1)

PAULX (21)

LoL nice idea :D

glench (42)

Hey I tried remaking this project with the Python Play library that we just released on Here it is:

It also chooses a random color to change to once it bounces off an edge.

CycleWeeb (1)

that's really cool, but when the logo hits walls sometimes it unnaturally changes position, but good work!

PythonCoder100 (6)

But does it ever hit the corner?

MaxwellArchibal (5)

line 12, 'get_rect' ;p

B0T (16)

get to the corner! (nicely done)

peter_mars (1)

took a bit of time main problem is the bottom border