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Increase Your Reading Speed by 2 or 3X - Spritzlet Reader
Spacecraft (120)

This reading program speeds up your reading rate by eliminating the need to move your eyes across the page and allows your eyes to focus on a single spot.

The average reading rate is estimated to be somewhere around 250 words per minute. See how fast you can speed your reading rate up while still comprehending the content.

For more info on the origins and how it works, search Google for Spritzlet or 'rapid serial visual presentation'

My own observations are that this helps with speed reading rates for shorter lengths of content (say, five minutes worth of reading), but beyond that, it becomes more difficult and fatigue from the pace begins to set in.

Let me know in the comments what your observations are. Also, take a look at Spritzlets from @Vandesm14 and @userSM for more program examples.

CodingCactus (3033)

I can read it at 1000 but can't really take in the whole sentence and connect the words together lol

fuzzyastrocat (730)

@CodingCactus Weird, I have the opposite problem — I grasp the meaning but have literally no idea what was just said.

CodingCactus (3033)

@fuzzyastrocat what how is it possible that you know the meaning or what was said but not what was said?

fuzzyastrocat (730)

@CodingCactus Yeah, I don't know. As an example, I understood that there were Martian spaceships with tripod landing gear, but I don't remember ever seeing the words "tripod" or "landing gear".

Spacecraft (120)

@CodingCactus @fuzzyastrocat, Apparently one of the hurdles for this type of reading is turning off your 'internal voice'; the sound of your voice saying the words in your mind as you read. If you can stop voicing the words in your head, you can read much faster and still comprehend the content. Maybe the result of that is not grasping the words, but still understanding the content.

fuzzyastrocat (730)

@Spacecraft @CodingCactus That might explain it, now that I think about it I wasn't doing the internal voice thing while reading it.

DynamicSquid (3609)

@CodingCactus wait when did you become a mod?

Leroy01010 (373)

i have spent ages on this!

Blackout4344 (30)

I did 500 and got to 192 words but then it i stopped it lol

Blackout4344 (30)

Actually I did it again and got 320 words :P @Blackout4344

Spacecraft (120)

@Blackout4344 Hmmm. That's strange. I just ran it all the way through the 1500+ word text file at 500 wpm without a hitch. I've never had it stop by itself. Oh well.

Blackout4344 (30)

Oh no I stopped it myself because I was getting dizzy xD @Spacecraft

Spacecraft (120)

@Blackout4344 Oh, I misunderstood. Funny!

nonan20 (0)

it's nice but I can't ever read like this. I don't really understand and cant piece together the story

LD1 (42)

This is really cool. Looks like the time for each word is based on the word length -- could you set a minimum speed? Words like "I" get skipped over so fast it's hard to notice them.

Spacecraft (120)

@LD1 The code is written to give each word the same duration of time, unless you pick the punctuation pause option. I have noticed that during high traffic times on Replit, the program experiences delays in the cadence of the word speeds, possibly on the longer words. It does not do that when I run it on a local machine.

DavidLi17 (15)

is this h. g. wells' war of the worlds?

Vandesm14 (2423)

I'm so happy I open-source the system! Great job!

I like the retro feel too.

userSM (227)

This is better than mine :)