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InkSpill: Flood And Conquer
Andi_Chin (158)

you start on the top left corner, and you have to try and spread throughout the whole screen by changing your color (represented by a number).

All adjacent squares with the same color as you will become a part of you

Can you conquer the map within a limited number of moves?

P.S: I need someone to help me code the graphics for this game--I suck at GUI.

Warhawk947 (510)

i like the concept but its a bit confusing to look at. Maybe try putting actual colors?

Warhawk947 (510)

@Warhawk947 oof i just read your PS thing.

AmIGoodAtChess (6)

also i know how you feel about gui

AmIGoodAtChess (6)

It wont change the player.