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Instant Painter
LoneAce (214)

Hello there

This is a small instant painter that I coded when I had extra time.
Use the number keys to add a pixel of your chosen colour, delete pixels using the backspace as well as enter to create a new line.

P.S Comment down your pixel art below!

A journey of a thousand lines begin with a single line

Mendelevium (38)

Whale Hello There!!

LoneAce (214)

@Mendelevium I have no words for this amazing art :)

Mendelevium (38)

Thank you so much, @LoneAce!
May I ask where you learned Python?
I am only good at the basics and I want to be skilled like you

LoneAce (214)

@Mendelevium Do read the book by O'Reilly named Head First Programming then Head First Python it taught me all the basics I needed. Then what you wanna do is read other people's codes and figure out how they work. I am not very skilled in Python, I just learnt from @PYer and @mat1, as well as @Haaruun

Mendelevium (38)

@LoneAce, I’ve just learned from codeHS, Some random tutorials I’ve found, so this book sounds like something I need. Thanks so much!

UzayAnil (19)

if you want to learn advanced skills, go to and scroll upwards when you click on the link @Mendelevium

Zyphery (11)

Attempted the python logo!

LoneAce (214)

@Zyphery I am speechless at your creativity haha. Never thought to create anything that cool with the code I made :)

leathersquid (4)

This took me a bit. It's a statue in a park.

LoneAce (214)

@leathersquid A very cool painting! This painting is one of the reasons why I love pixel art so much!

LoneAce (214)

@JinWooWoo1 Haha what a masterpiece ;)

masfrost (53)

@kochman, I think you'd like this

kochman (0)

@masfrost a canvas for your thoughts

Vandesm14 (1679)

This is really, really, really amazing. The workflow is really creative and intuitive. But one thing: Maybe add arrow key support for those finishing touches that are important to any artist. If not, that's fine too, it'll give us a challenge like real art: The only way to fix something is to restart from the beginning.

LoneAce (214)

@Vandesm14 Hm I will have to look into cursors again then

RadinGeekPython (1)

My dude has a beard way below his mouth. He has no beard, eyebrows, or head hair lol

LoneAce (214)

@UzayAnil Cool. You should try post a screenshot here instead so that others can see without having to open another link

LoneAce (214)

@16jgraham Can you reset the repl this happens sometimes (Some error in the server probably)

LoneAce (214)

@16jgraham Try pressing the number keys when nothing happens

16jgraham (0)

@LoneAce that wat I did but nothing happened

PDanielY (431)

Doesn't work for me. :C

LoneAce (214)

@PDanielY Still works for me just drew this

PDanielY (431)

@LoneAce ohhh, I didn't know you had to press number keys. You should probably add that somewhere in the post.

LoneAce (214)

@PDanielY Um I said "Use the number keys to add a pixel of your chosen colour"

HumbertoJASI (0)

Me playing with this instead of studying...
Captura de Pantalla 2019-11-24 a la(s) 13.57.14

LoneAce (214)

@HumbertoJASI That supposed to be joker?

LoneAce (214)

Thanks to @burningwaffles's idea now you can make art pieces with spaces

DJWang (437)

Omg this is awesome. mat1 was the person I looked up to. But now, @LoneAce , you are my FAVORITE coder, and I'm your number 1 fan!!!

LoneAce (214)

@DJWang Do note that I learnt from @mat1 as I have replied to @Mendelevium earlier. Thanks for the support though :)

P.S Hold up just realised you are the guy whose project was on #1 Hot (The Dark Dark Forest). Wow!

DJWang (437)

@LoneAce :) Thx! It was a fun game to make

burningwaffles (3)

You should make the space be blank.

LoneAce (214)

@burningwaffles Good idea. I didn't think of that to be honest

enigma_dev (565)

My intepretation of the repl it logo. @tangert what do you think of it? definetly worth using it everywhere. /s