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Integer Type Indicator
MocaCDeveloper (511)

This project indicates what type of number was inputted(int based).

Ignore the sm and um. This was just used to indicate a certain spot of the integer type where the number dwells in.
sm - the number is in the range of but isn't too big of a number within the range.
um - the number is in the range of but is a larger number within the range of.

There might be a whole bunch of bugs in the project, but don't mind them. I found it to be semi-accurate so..!

DynamicSquid (4377)

that is one long macro lol

MocaCDeveloper (511)

@DynamicSquid I made this way way way back in December when I was trying to familiarize myself with macros, as well as type sizes and understanding the number range of a certain amount of bytes.