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Interactive Musical Language Lessons
StefanGisi (3)

Aloha from Honolulu friends, foes and fellow Replers! Please let me know if my repl is within the boundaries of the rules. I think I might be walking a fine line.

I'm proud to present my first completed web application: LangCampus Beta!

LangCampus is the tool for you to improve your language skills on your own!

Listen, watch and learn from Youtube music videos.

LangCampus now offers three languages to study. Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Thank you and enjoy!

katyadee (1173)

Lol, nice greeting! Bitin' my moves.

StefanGisi (3)

@katyadee Thanks for the upvote!! I saw your repls. Do you work here??? o_O Nice newsletters. PM me if you wanna team up some time!!!!

katyadee (1173)

@StefanGisi SO funny I just saw your post about this on Reddit, too. What languages do you study?

StefanGisi (3)

@katyadee Korean, Chinese and Japanese. You?