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Interactive Repl DB CLI
frissyn (443)

Hey all, in another quest to sate my boredom, I've been browsing GitHub in search of ideas for a new programming project, and this time I struck gold.

Introducing Repl DB CLI!

Repl DB CLI is a way to interact with your repl's database from the shell / command line. Right now it only has four commands now has six commands!, and it's definitely lacking in basic functionality, but it's really cool all the same. Right now, the CLI is made with click to be a top-level script for Replit's native python package, but I do plan to release a standalone package on PyPI eventually.

Until then, enjoy the demo :)

HarperframeInc (438)

One of my planned projects, you beat me to it. Thanks for using my tool too :).

frissyn (443)

lol sorry, what tool are you talking about?

frissyn (443)

:O! wow that's pretty cool, good job!

SwaroopBappanad (243)

Why does this remind me so much of a SQL DB and the command shell like a MySQL command prompt (btw great job)

frissyn (443)

It's supposed to be that way lol, thanks :)

RayhanADev (1390)

Good job @IreTheKID xD, amazing idea.