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Interactive Sierpinski's Triangle generator
TigerTheCat (5)

Just a simple Sierpinski's Triangle Generator, but with interactive controls. You can specify the depth of the triangle and the speed of the turtle.

Please let me know if you find any bugs!

Bugs Pls

RedPandaCode (25)

Reminds me of a type of space filling curve. Or the triforce from LoZ

TigerTheCat (5)

@RedPandaCode Yes it is just like Zelda's Triforce

Edit: Maybe you're thinking of the space-filler Koch Curve?

Gr8est (39)

Very very very cool, @TigerTheCat. :-))))))

Gr8est (39)

@TigerTheCat, yw, you deserve it!!! :-):-):-):-):-)