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Introducing repl-from-cli, a new way to create GitHub and Repos with One Command!
M4cs (22)

I wrote a new command line tool tonight for everybody to use to easily upload their source code to not only GitHub but with one command! All you have to do to get it is run pip3 install repl-from-cli and then you'll be able to run: repl-from-cli in any directory you'd like to create a GitHub and Repo from.

All you need is Python 3, git, a GitHub account, and a GitHub Personal Access Token. All the info you need is on the Sources README! You can find the source code here: If you find this tool useful a star would be greatly appreciated!

I didn't include a check for Sources with GitHub repo's already since you can just use the URL API offers. You can also just choose to upload to but you will still need a GitHub account to push/pull from temporarily. After cloning to the repo it will ask you in the command line if you'd like to delete the GitHub repository from your account.