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Inus 1.07
xie21 (28)

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By TarnX Studios
Still under development, feedback welcome
Patch Notes:
1. Nalan Stats - hp 6, at 9, def 7, int 5
2. Monster Battle Stats Balanced
3. Nalan Added in Battles
4. Spider Cave System
5. More Monsters
Can you find this:

ARoachRoach (2)

You need to fix some grammar issues as well as spelling errors
you know who it is.

AlexanderTarn (274)

@ARoachRoach Think of it like an author's craft sort of thing. You do realize this code is about 2000 lines and I can't see every part of the text right?

xie21 (28)

@ARoachRoach Ok, thanks! As this is a group project, sometimes we can't proof it all. We'll fix it.

AlexanderTarn (274)

Tell us any ideas you have for future stuff!