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Inus 1.09
AlexanderTarn (40)

Patch Notes 1.08:
1. NEW spider nest
2. More monsters
3. Unable to hack anymore!
4. More areas to explore!
Patch Notes 1.09:
1. More lore to discover!
2. Explore the Wild Lands with no limitations! (It's a 10 by 10 map)
3. More loot and monsters to discover!

axel9967 (3)

very good, but at one point, it just kept looping, until i gave up

AlexanderTarn (40)

@axel9967 Sorry about that, you must have caught us editing our program and got caught into a loop, it should work now!

AdCharity (161)

y'd u add kk at the top now it doesn't work... this is pretty extensive and impressive :D that's like over 2000 lines of story

AlexanderTarn (40)

@AdCharity Sorry! With this much code it is very hard to detect errors! Thank you for notifying us of this error!

AdCharity (161)

@AlexanderTarn nah I think its cause you were talking to someone but forgot to comment/delete it. Its a pretty cool text game though.

xie21 (5)

@AdCharity Thanks for playing!