ShadedFlame (23)

Formerly broken. Thanks to a bunch of helpful users its up and running!

Timmy is a simple response program. Just for fun...

Thanks to: Thehappysquid, SotoAyam, LOLinteresting, and others.

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Thehappysquid (26)

Is shaded flame even still a user? He didn’t show up when I invited him.

LOLInteresting (8)

@Thehappysquid He is, but he is not active I think

he did invite me to his python.

ShadedFlame (23)

@Thehappysquid Sorry about that yesterday got busy fast for me...

ShadedFlame (23)

@Thehappysquid Did you invite me to something? I didn't get anything...

Thehappysquid (26)

@ShadedFlame I did, sorry if you didn't receive it.