MatthewStirling (136)

Here is my entry for the Game Jam - Swing! (yes, you have to shout it)

The gist is pretty simple - you swing around using a grappling hook and you must avoid dying. Don't touch the red blocks and don't get shot by a Turret (duh). Play through the Levels or enter the Arena and try to survive.

The way the game relates to the theme of Cash is.. uh.. you get to keep your cash because this game is free!

For the best experience, open this link in a new tab:

Full DevLog:

version 4.2 - current (17.04.2019)

  • added guided missiles
  • added rope block wrapping
  • added level 4
  • added explosion recoil
  • changed turrets appearance
  • added idle turret animation
  • added arena menu display turret behaviour

version 4.1 (13.04.2019)

  • added practice mode
  • altered arena to account for easy winning strategies

version 4.0 (12.04.2019)

  • added explosions
  • added super predictive turrets
  • added arena survival mode
  • added level 3
  • redesigned menus
  • got rid of title card animation
  • added bouncy bullets
  • added death animation

version 3.0 (05.04.2019)

  • added a main menu
  • added buttons
  • changed appearance of predictive turrets
  • made level 2 final challenge easier
  • added peak text

version 2.0 (30.03.2019)

  • added level 2
  • added turrets
  • improved hook sticking mechanic
  • changed controls (again)
  • optimized forces (jump strength, friction, drag)
  • added predictive aiming
  • removed 3 challenges from level 1

version 1.2 (23.03.2019)

  • added title card
  • added safe area at beginning
  • added checkpoint text

version 1.1 (23.03.2019)

  • added 3 more challenges (total now 13)
  • made controls more intuitive
  • added checkpoints
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themaka (186)

Is the 9th checkpoint the end of the game? I want more!

MatthewStirling (136)

Hey! You managed all the way through!! I can definitely make more, if there is enough demand for it. Did you manage to learn the controls easily enough? I'm worried that it might get too difficult too quickly.

themaka (186)

@MatthewStirling The x and z commands are not really intuitive and they require you to reach down, which isn't too common in games. What if you used q and e for shrink/extend? Also maybe space in addition to w for web slinging?

themaka (186)

@themaka The game is a lot of fun though -- I also shared it in our Discord.

MatthewStirling (136)

Thanks so much! I'll consider changing the controls a bit. @themaka

MatthewStirling (136)

Added a few more checkpoints. I hope it still works! @themaka

ArchieMaclean (884)

@MatthewStirling Brilliant game!
How about trying to get the computer to generate the levels? ;)

themaka (186)

@ArchieMaclean Procedurally generated levels would be pretty awesome.

themaka (186)

@MatthewStirling Oh man ... now I'll have to play again.
/pushes aside some meetings

PlaysWithRepls (0)

@MatthewStirling Heyyy I got past the 12th checkpoint! Is that the end or are the block thingies the way to the 13th?

MatthewStirling (136)

@PlaysWithRepls I just shortened level 1 to 10 challenges and added a level 2. Be sure to check it out!