Rock! Paper! Scissors! Online!
proryan (65)

Rock! Paper! Scissors! ONLINE!!!

Don't have anyone at home to play rock paper scissors. Well know just text your friend this project and play online! Play 3 rounds of online rock, paper, scissors. It does have added leave detection so it won't crash when someone leaves in the middle of the game.

I spent a lot of time perfecting the leave detection...

I took one of the most popular beginner project and made it online. I do plan to make a tutorial on how to make something online like this.

This is just the client side of the program. If you are really interested and just can't wait for the tutorial. Here is the link to the server-side:

I'm going to make a package based on this online engine. Tell me in the comments what I should advanced functions I should add. Its basically python's socket package but without the ip addreses.

Want more of a explanation on the package I'm trying to make or want ot help? Look down below...

Can't understand a thing I'm saying and don't want any business with it... Run the program!!!

Ok for those who want to either maybe want to help or just want more information about the package here it is:

Well for a first, you wouldn't have to host your server on domain name(like and instead on any subdomain or port. You could even host the server on one of's subdomains. Second, the package should be easier to use than python's builtin socket package. Most people just want to make a simple chat in python, they don't want to copy and paste code that they don't how it works or they don't know how to tweak. Most tutorials on youtube for a chat in python with sockets is with javascript and lot of beginners don't want to use javascript because they don't know its syntax. Most beginners get confused with stuff like "IF_INET". Though I do plan on adding many advance functions for professional developers, the first release of the package will be very simple with just basic functions such as send and receive. Eventually the functions will be advance stuff...

So know that you know all the details of the package... Do you want to help?

If you do comment down below and give me a link to your best project.

Note: Python developers accepted only...

Note: If you do find any errors please do tell me in the comments....

For all those people who complain that the wait time is too long: YOU're supposed to find a friend to play with you...(assuming you have friends)

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DSAEvan (17)

Is this thing live or what

proryan (65)

@DSAEvan It is live but you have to find someone to play...