Working Chatroom
pyelias (1466)

It's a chatroom!

If there's any bugs, say so in the chat (or comment here).

And don't spam or you get muted.

(this project has been discontinued (might still work until early 2020), if you wanna talk to people join the discord

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GameMaster1928 (42)

It gives me an error:

pyelias (1466)

@GameMaster1928 you put this on the wrong post dude

GameMaster1928 (42)

@pyelias I must have forgotten to copy it, that's another error I had copied earlier. I updated the error.

pyelias (1466)

@GameMaster1928 thats because i stopped maintaining this a while ago, join the discord instead if you want

ebest (630)

@GameMaster1928 sigh How many times am I going to see this?

GameMaster1928 (42)

Many times apparently xD