Grades Clicker (Re-post)
RohilPatel (764)

yes, I am aware that my post was taken away, but I want to hear some suggestions from you guys. Thanks!

Grades Clicker

  1. Click
  2. Search Upgrades
  3. Redeem
  4. Repeat lol.


  1. I wanted to make something that was simple popular
  2. I wanted to make something, as I was out of ideas
  3. I wanted to give my friend a challenge for html and css, as I felt too lazy to do it, but I ended up doing most of it anyway lol :)
  4. I wanted to hit 200 upvotes before March 2020.


If you would like to contribute or suggest something to this website, please talk in the comments below, and I will be sure to reach out to you ASAP. Also, if anyone knows any way of shortening the code, please let me also know that, and I'll award 5% credit to each person who makes a worthwhile contribution or suggestion. Thanks to you all, and please be patient! I'm a bad coder!


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AdCharity (1242)

It got taken down the first time because you intentionally made several alt accounts in order for the project to gain popularity.

RohilPatel (764)

Ik, I didn't create the alts to upvote this, I already had them. @AdCharity

ChezCoder (1135)

@RohilPatel its k, misunderstandings always happen. Its how you look at it.

RohilPatel (764)

Anyways, nice job on ur chat room. I'm pretty sure u also viewed mine. @ChezCoder

ChezCoder (1135)

@RohilPatel would you like to check out my post? Its getting like zero attention for some reason XD Pizzabox

RohilPatel (764)

I did, and it was cool! We both don't get much attention becuase we have so little cycles I think. :( @ChezCoder

AdCharity (1242)

@RohilPatel I'm not saying you did on this post, I'm saying that's what happened on the other one. And if you are looking for attention, then don't seek cliched projects. Vandesm14 already made an amazing chat, and the whole chat craze with sockets pretty much ended there.

RohilPatel (764)

Why are you trying to tell me to stop using sockets. Remember I'm still learning nodejs. @AdCharity

AdCharity (1242)

@RohilPatel Si tu puedes leer, you'll find that I'm not telling you that. I'm saying if you're trying to cater to the audience, then make projects that are original.