Social Media Website
RohilPatel (1253)

The basic social media site

See link below

Hey everyone, I made a social media website.....or what could be one, and I have made an interesting concept that is trash. Well, let's go to the specifics...

How to use

  1. First, you need to click the "+" button located at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Make the post with such information as desired.
  3. Click the "done" button
  4. Reload your page to find you are the most recent post.
  5. View below to see if other people posted while you were online!


  1. I was really bored and needed something to code, so I asked @Vandesm14 for ideas, and he helped
  2. I had attempted this a while ago, but it seemed impossible
  3. My parents don't let me use social media like instagram......but this platform is ok :)


Yes, I have flaws. I'm working on a database

Go here for site: cuz the panel below won't work!!!

I made it private cuz there is some private info there

If you are satisfied or happy, please upvote!!

(Or even if ur not ;) )

Update: Wow! I might make the trending page!

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Zavexeon (1035)

It says refused to connect.... ;w;

(Oh wait, I'm dumb)

RohilPatel (1253)

Yea, u should have read my thing lol. I kept it on private for 2 reasons:
1. So I don't have to give away my json store token
2. So my friend dosent bot it (aka Coder100)


Zavexeon (1035)

@RohilPatel You can hide the token in a .env file.

More on .env:

Also I'd suggest rate limiting it so people don't bot it.

RohilPatel (1253)

Hm, ok. I'll try .env, but does it prevent ANYONE from viewing (of course, aside from the creators) the file, even in the repl place thingee? @Zavexeon

LiamDonohue (285)


.env files are used for declaring environment variables. On, .env files are only visible to the owner of the repl. Other users and guests viewing a public repl will not be able to see the contents of the .env file, nor will they be able to access it by downloading the repl or forking it.


LiamDonohue (285)

hey quick question, do you know how to do dynamic webpages? @RohilPatel

LiamDonohue (285)

because i havent got to the dynamic part yet @RohilPatel

RohilPatel (1253)

Yea, that's pretty fun and easy. Need help? @LiamDonohue

LiamDonohue (285)

website help i sent invite @RohilPatel

RohilPatel (1253)

So ye, env seems easy. I'll add that soon! @Zavexeon

JordanDixon1 (354)

@RohilPatel On top of this, anyone can see by looking at the source code on the site... Also, no one can access your firebase unless they have your gmail.

RohilPatel (1253)

When u wanna do a collab? Friend me on discord: RohilPatel#4864 @LiamDonohue

RohilPatel (1253)

Ik, but I don't want ppl writing to json store. @JordanDixon1