Cookie Clicker! Dark theme. Reach 1,000,000,000 cookies to win!
PYer (3579)

Cookie Clicker (New Window)

I have been working on this cookie clicker for a long time. I was inspired to create one when @pyelias created a terminal one and won the game jam! I liked the dark theme look and implemented it in this game. I'll take suggestions for new shop items, upgrades and things like that. Thank you and please upvote.

PS: To see what a shop item does, hover over it.
PPS: You could look in the console and give yourself a bunch of cookies, but that would be cheating!
PPPS: You can also look at the source code to see what the next cookie benefit is.

Let's see if anybody can honestly win!

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trg5503 (3)

It's not too bad of a game. It's way better than I could do in a day, but I do have some suggestions for future features:

  • Maybe add a small animation to the cookie when it's clicked.
  • Show some stats about CPS and upgrades
  • Possibly add some roundness. Everything goes good with roundness.
  • Add different cookie pictures when you upgrade.
  • Save every cookie and upgrade (in browser cookies to be extra baked, or just in localstorage). It may make it just as easy to cheat but the same thing happened with Ortiel's Cookie Clicker and they started promoting it.
PYer (3579)

@trg5503 thanks for the feedback. i am working on bullets 1 & 2. i disagree with the third. 4th is a brilliant idea, and i am working on adding a way to save your game.