Black Jack v1.0
nickgrimes50 (4)

This is a very simple Black Jack game, in which the user competes against an AI and tries to achieve victory! The controls will be self-explanatory, and you will be taken step by step on what to do. Thank you! If you are not sure of the rules of black jack, a simple google search of them should teach you all you need to know.

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AdrianTang (11)

It's pretty cool, but while I was playing, the dealer had a hand of 22 and I had 17, and I still lost. So that's something to fix. I think that it would be better if the rule of dealer having to hit unless the hand is over 16 which can be done very easily with a for loop. And also there are a lot of useless code for example setting K,Q,J and A to it's respective values. You don't need to add the not equals, you could just set p_card or d_card to 10. Ace is a tricky case because it can be a 1 or 11 and that depends on the person playing and that would be a challenge to code. Also the way you are doing to add a new card is kinda dumb because you can't have more than 3 cards. Another loop would make it better. But it's overall a pretty good job.