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JAM #9
randomlylelo (21)

This is my @randomlylelo submission to the Discord Code Jam #9.

This submission is a discord bot.

Disclaimer: Since hasn't upgraded to Node v12 & DiscordJS hasn't fixed the issue, I couldn't use embeds so it didn't come out as good looking as planned.


I was originally thinking to make this discord bot a very similar port to Plague Inc. (reason why the bot's pfp is similar to plague inc's). However due to time constraints and my inability to make drawings for the game led me to scratch that idea. I also planned on making a informational website about coronavirus and prevention, but I didn't pick it because I felt like it wasn't original (I've seen websites about it before) so I choose not too. I would have prefered to make a real game, but again, I can't draw for life (and Plague Inc. is already a game).

Why didn't you get help/get a team?

I don't have friends. But for real, I just couldn't find any artists intrested in helping me because they were preparing for coronavirus also they weren't will to help in under a short notice.


The purpose of this bot on discord is disease prevention, more specifically preventing corona virus through awareness by creating a game on discord to connect to 'gamers' on their platform to teach their users on how to prevent getting sick.


Earn $200 without dying (get 0 health). I made it so you start with $100 to make the game faster.

How does it work?

This bot is to similate real life to an extent. When you are chatting on discord with your friends, you will be making $0-$2 per message; this is used to stimulate working in-real life. Whenever you use a command like buy and store you will still take damage & catch viruses because in-real life, you would be going to the store and buying stuff where you could be more prone to the virus.

Recommended Method of Playing:

Gather a group of friends and create a human all at the same time. Then start chatting and first to earn $200 wins!


Prefix for the bot is ==
Directly Copied from help.
Note things in <> are mandatory & things in [] are optional.
help [argument] -- Arguments specific to this command: about, start
help about -- About the creator of the bot.
help start -- Best method of using the bot.
ping -- Ping the server.
create <name> -- Create a new human.
delete -- Delete your human.
stats -- See the stats of your human.
store -- See items for sale.
buy <number> -- Purchase items in store.

Future Plans:

Leaderboards & Allowing users to play past and earn more money than $200.
Clean up my code (seperate commands into seperate files, etc.)


For helping set up discordJS.
For helping me set up a server
Keeping my bot alive
DiscordJS docs
And the repl discord for helping me debug and answering my questions.

Support Discord:
Bot Invite:

P.S. Check the github to see my version control and I'll appreciate any tips on any code / use of version control, please give me some constructive criticism 😄. Feel free to fork and make your own bot

AdCharity (1112)

haven't tested it but that's lit