Jade could be our future!
RohilPatel (360)

Here we can see that jade could very easily be our future!

We can see from this express server that setting up this jade app isn't terribly hard, and when you actually put it into a file, the code is nice and clean! We see that this could get rid of HTML forever. All I ask is that we can get some colors for jade like we do in all other repl supported languages. This makes me wonder if the next generation of code will be Jade

Yes, I aware that I sound weird lol!

Please upvote if you support the idea of changing to a template rendering language to a main frontend language along with it!

(Am I leaving out a key detail that we need html for, or could we say: Jade, CSS, and JS) lol.

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RohilPatel (360)

No, I totally understand that concept. Essentially it would be easier if we just used jade rather than just html. I'm not saying the change has to be now, but over a couple of years we may see something like this become the "new html" . I totally understand your point and I'm not trying to disagree, but jade could become a more efficient way of writing html in the future. Understand me? @AdCharity