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Joke API
PDanielY (978)

I created a joke API that lets you get a random joke by going to a url. There are only three jokes in the database but you can add more by filling out the form. It was a quick project I created that I wanted to share. Also do not post inappropriate jokes or they will get deleted.

Edit: Someone has been posting inappropriate jokes so I've created a automod system. Whoever is doing it please stop.

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MatthewDoan1 (336)




where can you get the jokes?

PDanielY (978)

@TaylorLiang The API link the website explains.

You just go to /api/joke on the website


@PDanielY oh. i thought i had to go to (folder api)/joke(file)


@PDanielY is there also a way to view all the jokes?

PDanielY (978)

@TaylorLiang yes, but only I can do it.

AdCharity (1270)

ooo I was confused by the io until I saw json store