[GAME] Swap — A unique and fun puzzle game
fuzzyastrocat (788)

I've always enjoyed puzzles, but I've noticed a pattern in difficult puzzles — puzzles tend to be difficult because of how much stuff they have. Whether that's tiles, pegs, cubes, or anything else, the difficulty of the puzzle is always due to the amount of things it contains.

So, naturally, I decided to try the opposite: making a difficult puzzle with very few things. In my opinion, I've achieved this goal: I can't even solve my own puzzle sometimes, and it only has 4 tiles! (Yes — a difficult 2x2 tile puzzle!)

Each tile is numbered, and each number corresponds to a correct position. They can also be "flipped" (lighter) or "regular" (darker). The goal of the puzzle is to get each tile to the correct position (tiles will become green when they are in the correct position) and green-side-up (tiles in the correct place but the wrong side up will show up as pinkish-red).
There's instructions in-game: just click the "help" button.

Hope you enjoy! (And yes, all puzzles are solvable — the random initial state is made by repeated random moves, all of which are valid moves.)

EDIT: Proof that it is solvable — by blindly fumbling around I solved it in 52 moves. Can you do better?

EDIT: Current record: 4 moves by @poetaetoes

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fuzzyastrocat (788)

@JosephSanthosh I've made the blocks fade away when scrambling and get replaced by a "scrambling..." message. Hope that helps!