Dev-Friendly Image Editor
3941driB (31)

I'm happy to annouce that I'm finally done with the first version of dimg, my dev-friendly image editor. I started it as a pixel art maker because nothing currently on the internet fit my needs, but now I'm happy to share it with the community. The interface is meant to look a bit like a *NIX shell, but I'm currently working on dimg+ with a proper GUI. Until then, enjoy!

~The API-phobic dev 3941driB 😅

P.S. there's a help command, and also the save command doesn't work when embedded in an iframe, you have to open in a new tab.

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CodeLongAndPros (1254)

@JosephSanthosh Ok, name one thing Mac can do that Linux can’t —excepting Adobe—
Linux, first of all, can boot from power to login in less than 6 seconds. You can also totally customize your system. Wanna change the way your windows look? In Linux/Kde, it’s right in the settings. Mac doesn’t even come with a package manager. And, it costs a small fortune to get it. $1000 for a STAND? Linux, however is free — as in beer and as in freedom.